Matta Vadi
Vadi Matta is a long grain rice also known as Kerala Matta rice which is high in fibre, will help the body properly digest and absorb nutrients.
Sona masuri steam rice
Sona masoori steam rice is simple to digest and beneficial for shedding pounds. The glycemic index of Sona Masoori is 51. Low glycemic index foods are advantageous for diabetics because they are proven to lower blood glucose levels. Sona Masoori is simpler to prepare and has less starch.
Jaya rice
It is a fragrant, light-weight rice that has little starch. It is adulteration-free and does not impart a musty smell to food when cooked. The batter for idli and dosa is made with it. That is clear and easy to process.
Ponni boiled
The complete grain of rice is soaked, steamed and dried, then the hull is removed to make parboiled rice. The steaming enables the rice to absorb nutrients and changes the starch so that it cooks into a firmer, less sticky dish of rice than regular white rice.
Kolam rice
In India's southern areas, Kolam rice is incredibly well-known. It is regarded as being of the highest quality, aromatic, and lightweight. Biryani, fried rice, and sweet pongal are among the meals that it is ideal for daily cooking
Kranthi rice
Nutrient dense and free of chemicals. Idli rice yields more batter and soaks more quickly. Indian rice is parboiled and used in idly. Pre-processed rice called parboiled is used to shorten the time the grain must soak before grinding. It also contains gelatinized starch, which adds texture. rice that is primarily short or medium grained